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EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply

EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply

  • EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply
  • EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply
  • EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply
  • EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply
  • EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply
  • EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply
  • EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply
EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply
Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: BG EV
Certification: 3C
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 project
Price: USD 800,000-300,000,000
Packaging Details: containers
Delivery Time: 240 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 2 projects per year
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Detailed Product Description
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EPC Electric Car Assembly Production Line


EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line

Dear Sir
How are you ! If you indeed interest in Auto assemble plant in your local, Please you seriously fill in a questionnaire, it is very necessary, we will discuss next cooperation tern
base on your filled questionnaired message. we are waiting your filled questionnaired and know more your company relevant information to find the suitable joint venture /cooperation
model or the combining site.In fact, we have built many oversea auto assemble plant, this is China National strategy, if your project Conform to project basic conditions, we will
discuss detail terms.
Partner requirements of cooperation or joint venture term:
1, Your self workshop: you had have 5000-8000 square meter workshop at least, and over 15000-25000 square meters industrial land.
2, Your-self Cash: have some necessary economic strength, investment capacity must over two million USD.(don't include land, workshop value)
3, Market channel: have car sales channel (sales network) or car garage remanufacturing second-hand car, or with the car related businesses.
4, Your country Nice Import tariff policy: Your country import tariff policy very important, gap of import tariff between auto spare part CKD (completely knocked down) term and CBU
(complete built unit) shall be at least 30-35%; for example, import tariff on CBU term is 35%, CKD term must be 5% or free.This term is most important factor for setting up an assembly
plant in local. if CBU with CKD is almost same,the auto plant will have not profit space.

If your company can meet all above basic conditions, contact us freely, we will discuss the details of cooperation to start the project; If your company have not met above
requested economic strength, our cooperation way will be arranged to start from trade first, then creating positive conditions, developing to build auto assemble plant step by step.
if your company have not meet above requested economic strength, our cooperation way will arrange from trade starting then Positive Create Term, step by step develop
to auto assemble plant, If you interest in auto assemble plant project, please you fill in a questionnaire, we will discuss base on Questionnaired message, if you have any nice advice, let us know.
When you reference some budget list. let you have a some idea of Auto project.
Some more explain:
1, The development of the car industry has two road, is a large-scale investment, scale output methods such as the American general company, is very good,But, that way is
not suitable our developing country. the other way is small investment, rolling development, such as the way of China automobile industry development path, we discuss here is the
second method. Above questionnaire is based on China's developed roads, and we have set up factories overseas experience and lessons, I will according to your specific situation,
and find a suitable for your car industry development path. This questionnaire will help us find a way. So that, Information should be accurate !
In a word, “ your thinking determines your outcome way, the method of suitable for you, it is the best way”

2, Through questionnaire information, please let us know who are you, where are you from ? what are your doing ? what are your idea And together, let us analyze relevant elements, search
suitable method and way, let us how to start the project, where you should go to.........
3, Some concerns our oversea partners care about the Automobile Assembly Plant:
3.1, Investment is put by stages and in batches, to reduce the enterprise's pressure on the fund of investment at the early stage, namely, the Stair-Climbing Theory: to climb up higher slope, a stair with steps can help you do it, that is, you can divide your long-term goal into a number of small targets to achieve, to reduce the risk of investment.
3.2, A rough idea on the budget and kinds of input for you reference: in the initial stage, the production line equipment needs around 1 million US Dollars; a 5000-8000 square meters workshop area (the inside), construction cost of the factory building is around 70-80 US dollars per square meters on average; working staff around 50 - 100 persons, including workers, engineers and technicians, managerial personnels, and sales persons, which will be increased gradually with the expanding of the factory scale.
3.3, the power supply requirements over: 300-500kw.
3-4, Project stages: the stage of SKD, CKD stage, stage of auto parts localization manufacturing.
3.5, Usually production is gradually increased from 50-100 units per month, according to the market demand and sales situation, output shall be gradually increased every month and every year, as well as the vehicle models.
3.6, As regards the working capital / liquidity requirements: Usually, a normal running factory needs to prepare 3-4 times as much as the value of monthly production, one batch of KD parts produced in China, one batch of KD parts in transit, and another batch of KD parts are in the factory for being assembled; of course, our company often provides our foreign partners some credit for financing, for example, we can accept Usance L/C.
3.7, About car sales, cooperating with the local bank and leasing company, sell the vehicles with the way of financing lease, and improving the local after-sales service system, and it is also important to strive for government orders and group sales.
3.8, Regarding our investment: besides plant design, production technology, personnel training, our company will invest the most crucial and the most costly special equipment: the general assembly line, and the car
body welding line.The local joint venture partner invest land, factory building and supporting facilities of the plant including system of water, electricit and compressed air; prodction line equipment including coating line, detection line, and other universal equipment; and corresponding working catapital, especially for the SKD/CKD kits purchase.
EPC Project Electric Car Assembly Line Production Design Equipment Supply 0
Equipment Name
Budget (CIF Luanda, USD)
Unit Price
stamping line for only one body
stamping line whole car moulds unit 1     if buy existing sample, price 4.5-7.35million USD, if new development, 14.7-17 million USD
press machine 1500ton unit 1      
press machine 1000ton unit 2      
press machine 800ton unit 3      
press machine 600ton unit 5      
other auxillary equipment item 1     including surface treatment, cutter, grander, CNC, driller etc.
electric conveying belt m 70     with inspection, grasp and loose device
collection frame set 100      
other tools and device item 1     including the transportation and power system
sub-electric system item 1      
welding line for only one body
Related equipment and tools for using on the welding line
little assembly pieces pneumatic welding jigs with welding machines 15 set     with hand welding tools, rack, frame etc
轿车车身焊接组合工装 Saloon car body welding joint fixture with robot welding and its control system, electric conveying etc 5 set     一个工装4台机器人和顶部吸盘传动机器人One station with 4 robots and top suction driving robot
Other portable electric and pneumatic tools
1 set      
Transporting tool car for the welding line
60 unit     车壳转运
For body transporting
Sheet metal repair machine
10 unit      
检具parts welding inspection gauges 1 set      
分体式中频点焊机separated intermediate frequency spot welding machine 20 set     与焊接机器人配套coupled with welding robots
Cooling system for resistance welding machine
1 unit      
Tools for using on the welding line and some standby consumables
1 set      
electric power and control system 1 set      
sub-total $0  
The above mentioned equipment and tools of welding line for the Second Phase of CKD.
涂 装 线 轿车
Coating Line for Car under 8m length
Equipment Name
Budget (CIF Luanda, USD)
Unit Price
Metal Body Surface Pre-Treatment System and phosphorization and one year Chemical Materials, lab device
1 set     由于该部分运行费用非常高,电泳必须每天24小时不停搅拌电泳液体,防止其凝固.除了正常供电外,还必须准备发动机组备用供电系统.每年的维护成本大约20-30万美元.在平均年产量小于10000辆时,不必投入该系统.我们安排该部分的工艺在中国完成,当工厂月产量达到1000辆车时,再投入该设备, 这套系统只适合8米以下车型.Because of expensive operating costs, this ED pre-treatment shall be done in China factory, and when plant yearly output reaches up to 10000 units, the metal surface treatment process shall be invested at that time. and this system only suitable to car models under 8m length.
电泳线ED coating system electrophoresis coating including the overhead e-conveying suspension device, pool equipment and one year chemicals, lab device etc 1 set    
Body Polishing Room
including air circulation equipment and lighting facility
1 set     车体做涂装前的修整,体积:16 *5*4米
Used before body coating process, dimension: 16.4*5*4 m
Type Painting Booth
including floor cotton, ceiling cotton, and air circulation equipment (air intake and exhaust system)
1 set     用于焊缝打胶和车体底板喷 PVC防撞涂层,体积:10*4.5*4米
For glue sealing of the welding seam and PVC anticollision coating of the body and floor board, dimension: 10*4.5*4 m
equipment of water Rotating Type Painting Booth
including the啊uxillary painting device and the intial disposal of the paint mist, not including the external environmental protection equipment
1 set     用于喷中涂和面漆,体积16 * 4.5 *4米
For middle coating and finishing coating, dimension: 16*4.5*4 m
robot painting system including the 4 arm and control system 1 set     4 robot arms with 8 painting nozzles
Sealed Dust Room
including exhaust system
1 set     用于除尘,风干;体积 16.4 * 4.5 * 4米
for dedusting, drying; dimension: 16.4*4.5*4 m
Sealed Curing Chamber (Baking Finish Room)
Temperature at 140-180 degrees centigrade
1 set     体积 12 * 4.5 * 4米
Dimension: 11.5*4.5*4 m
Room for Inspecting, Finishing and Polishing
including exhaust system and lighting equipment
1 set     体积 12 * 4.5 * 4米
Dimension: 8.2*4.5*4 m
Tools for Coating Line
1 set     包括油漆罐,喷枪,防护用具,PVC喷涂工具,涂胶工具/打胶机等
including: Paint Tank, Painting Gun, Protection Appliance, PVC Painting tool, Coating tool, etc.
Rail Track System for tranporting and joining in the Coating Line
1 set     包括涂装轨道和100套工具车
including Coating Line sliding rail and 100 tool cars
电气sub-electric system 1 item     主要线路电缆,控制柜,电机和循环系统main cable bus, DCS, motor and solution recycling system
Environmental Protection Equipment
external Waste gas disposal system according to local requirements
1 set     利用活性炭吸附系统处理废气,如果当地环保要求高,可用等离子点火燃烧系统
Using the Activated Carbon Adsorption system to dispose the waste water; or if the local government in Angola asks for higher requirements on the exhaust discharge, Plasma Ignition Combustion System can be used,
Waste water disposal system without civil work
1 set     3个月处理一次,短时间内不需要,或者,如果当地环保部门不强制要求,也可不投入该设备.
To dispose the waste water every 3 months, so it is not needed in the short period; or this equipment do not need to be invested without compulsive requirement by the local environmental protection department in Angola.
检测设备inspection device 漆面检测仪器
Painting Inspection Device
1 unit     检测漆的厚度
to inspect the thickness of the painting
灯检light view passage 1 set      
油漆调试分析设备 1 unit      
小计 Sub-Total $0  
总装线 - 轿车
General Assembly Line for saloon
Equipment Name
Budget (CIF Luanda, USD)
Unit Price
The First Part
Interior Assembly Line 1
to assemble glass, seats, inside wall, etc
车身悬挂系统 hanging suspension line for trim line 100 m      
专用工具special tools 1 set      
Assembly Line steel frame structure
100 m      
Supporting Lightsing System
1 set     含线路和照明灯
including ciucuits and lights
Electric Cooling Fan
20 unit      
Electric Cooling Fan
8 unit      
The second Part
Monocoque Chassis Assembly Line
for the assembling of S30 Mini SUV, Van and Saloon Car
Elevated Line and Rail Track
100 m      
Lifting Machine
4 unit     上下线用
for putting up and laying down the chassis
Assembly Line steel frame structure
100 m      
Supporting Trolley in the air
50 unit      
Lighting System
1 set     含线路和照明灯
including ciucuits and lights
Electric Cooling Fan
20 unit      
The Fourth Part
Interior Assembly Line 2
for the assembly of whole vehicle's wire, etc.
Floor Track
100 m      
Assembly Line steel frame structure
100 m      
Lighting System
1 set     含线路和照明灯
including ciucuits and lights
Electric Cooling Fan
40 unit      
Lifting machine & automobile four wheel alignment
1 set      
底盘线 发动机总成分装
Engine Assy Assembly
  如无特别要求此部分可以在第二期投入Without any special requirement, the budget of this part can be invested in Second Phase
Tool Car for Engine assembly
10 unit     含发动机支撑和液压装置
including engine supporting and hydraulic device
Tool Car for axle assembly
10 unit     含液压装置
including hydraulic device
Lifting Sling for Engine
2 unit      
Other equipment and tools for using on the General Assembly Line
Tyre dynamic balancing machine
2 unit      
Other tools, including pneumatic wrench, torque wrench, clap, etc.
5 set      
Tyre Changer
3 unit      
VIN marking machine
3 unit      
BrakeFliudQuantitiveFiller 制动液真空定量加注工具 1 unit    
RefrigerantQuantitiveFiller(Vacuum) 制冷剂真空定量加注机 1 unit    
PowersteeringfliudQuantitiveFiller 助力液真空定量加注工具 1 unit    
gaosline filler 燃油加注 1 unit      
总装电气sub-electric system 1 set      
检测线 - 皮卡,SUV, Testing Line for Detecting saloon, SUV and MPV
Equipment Name
Budget (EXW Factory, USD)
Unit Price
Testing Line Equipment for whole vehicle inspection
1 set     可检测10吨以下的各种车型,包括轮重检验,制动检验,侧滑检验,速度表实验,灯光检测,尾气分析等各项检测
Can be used for inspecting kinds of vehicles below 10 tons, including the inspection of wheel load, braking, sideslipping, speedometer, light, tail exhaust analysis, and others.
3电以及电路,系统检测体系motor, battery, controllers and circuit inspection device 1 set      
Special auto fault diagnostic machine
2 set     可能根据后期增加的不同车型,会需要增加相应的故障诊断仪
For different vehicle models to be added, more fault diagnostic machines will be increased.
The rain laboratory
1 set     根据当地场地制作,所需的专用仪器和设备包括水泵,喷头,管道阀门等.
To be made according to the local site, with the dedicated device equipment including pumps, nozzle, pipe valves, etc.
检测电气部分electric system of test line 1 set      
小计 Sub-Total $0  
Other General Equipment
Equipment Name
Budget (EXW Factory, USD)
Unit Price
Central supply system for compressed air
3 set     包括8m³空压机,储气罐,管道等一套设备
including a complete set of equipment with Air Compressor, Gas Tank, Pipeline, etc.
Electric Power System of the Factory (including: power electricity system of the workshops - 380V and lighting system - 220V, disctribution room, control chamber, circuits, lights, etc.)
1 set     待工厂地址确定后,统一规划,计算成本; 如果当地的电力安装公司有能力,也可以让他们报价.
The cost will be calculated by unified planning after the factory site confirmed, which can also be done by the local qualified electrical installing company.
Standby generator set ( usually, for emergency use, a 250KW generator set is enough)
2 set     满足停电时工厂的正常运转,如果当地不缺电或者有备用发电机售卖,可不安排在中国采购
To meet the need of factory's normal operation during power outage; or no procurement if power is plenty.
整个厂房内焊接,喷涂和总装废气收集系统Welding, painting and final assembly of exhaust gas collection system 3 set      
小计 Sub-Total $0 整个工厂共用
To be shared for the whole factory
Total amount of the above mentioned general equipment and tools are to be invested in the First Phase
5th amount to be invested in the First Phase
Total Amount: $0.00
above quotations are all EXW Factory Price ;
this budget arrangement is based on the output of30,000-50,000units per year;
this budget excludes electric wire, cable and power supply facilities, and the cement, sand, glass and steel for building construction for the time being;
this budget only includes part of basic environmental protection facility and equipment, which can be adjusted according to the local environmental protection requirements , by increasing some related equipment;
the heating fuel in this budget is diesel, if there is nature gas pipeline to the Factory, using CNG as the heating fuel can greatly reduce the operating cost;
6)第一期将提供预加工的车壳-即SKD I状态,SKD I是指电泳车身总成 - 车壳焊好,不喷面漆;
in the first stage, pre-treated body parts (SKD I) will be supplied, SKD I means body is welded and pre-treated, but fully unpainted ;
to realize the second stage of CKD assembly step by step, and at the same time, to easily increasing vehicle models by only adding their Welding Joining Jigs and Fixtures in the proper time step by step.
This is valid within one month. After that it may have a fluctuation within 15%.

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