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CHONGQING BIG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LIMITED, We are a well-known international auto manffacturer and oversea auto investment corporation in China.

Our mission is to focus on overseas investment in automotive assembly plant chain projects.Our investments include capital and automotive manufacturing technology, brands, key equipment,kit car spare parts and credit support under guarantee conditions.We are a joint venture corporation control by China national automobile corporation and China financial capital investment corporation.The Chinese government has proposed "One Belt And One Road".Chinese carmakers are keen to "go global".While helping developing countries to achieve industrialization, we should also develop ourselves.http://chainautoassembly.com is also another official site of ours.


There are two ways to develop the automobile industry.One is large-scale investment, as many large multinationals do.Its advantage is effective, high efficiency.But not for developing countries.Developing countries should find a suitable way to develop automobile manufacturing.It's a small investment, a small step.After more than ten years of exploration, we believe that the theory of "climbing the stairs" is more suitable for the actual situation of developing countries.The key to the development of China's overseas chain automobile project is to make orderly investment step by step, from quantitative change to qualitative change, and realize the strategic goal of industrialization.




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Eatablished in 2004, now we have invested and built 5 automobile assembly plants worldwide, and still more to come...

Chongqing Big Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chongqing Big Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chongqing Big Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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